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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Snake Hunters!

Zoran and Babe are the resident snake hunters. This year we've had more snakes than in all the years Ive been here. Fortunately we only have to deal with harmless Eastern Garters.
I went to toss the now very dead snake but Zoran wasnt giving up his treasure yet and grabbed it back!

Where The Buffalo Roam

After seeing the poor forlorn Buffalo a few weeks ago, it inspired me to dig out some old pictures.
Back in the 70's I was fortunate enough to have a private tour of one of the largest Buffalo Ranches, the "Triple U" in South Dakota. They put me, my friend and my dog Wilbur, a wonderful German Shepherd into a pick up truck and we drove over the hills till we spotted the herd. They cut the engine and we coasted down the hill till we were smack dab in the middle of a huge herd.
My series of 'up close' pictures start out with full view of the hood. With encouragement and precaution, I eventually stepped completely out of the truck and got some great shots. Fond memories that will stay with me forever and how Buffalo should be. Free on the range.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Down on the Farm

I was heading down to visit Karen and Zora and decided I'd take Hannah along. Zora loves seeing 'Mom' and it was a great opportunity to see Hannah with livestock. She'd never been up close and personal with livestock before being pretty much a city girl. I expected at least some sort of reaction, a look, maybe a woof, but nothing. I brought her close to the fence line and she finally took slight notice and air scented one of the big horses. Then we brought the pony in and she gave a few investigative sniffs. I couldn't believe how relaxed and calm she was. Needless to say, I was beyond pleased. I always knew she had it in her to be a good LGD and she proved it true.
When we went in the house, she didn't even bother to get up to take note of where I was going. It was if she had been here her entire life and was right at home, very content and happy.
What a good girl!
I think she was dropping me some big hints too. ;)