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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Therapy Dogs

Unfortunately one day late winter my mother fell and broke her hip. Not a good thing when your pushing the century mark! One afternoon I was leaving the rehab center and a woman was coming in with her Standard Poodle. Of course I stopped to talk with her and found out not only did they let dogs visit, they encouraged it. Thats all I needed to hear! A great opportunity for the dogs.
I had no doubt Hannah would ace the situation and she proved me right. She has age and wisdom on her side and I couldnt of asked for more from her. I forogt my camera first visit so we had to make due with cell phone pix.

Hannah, after saying her hello's, quietly laid down at my moms feet.

Then Hannah just decided she'd visit with her roomie Sylvia and hung out with her a bit too.

On Hannahs second visit we brought mom a pizza for a special treat. Hannah was angelic and quietly waited for some leftovers.

Next good day I decided to bring Zoran. Hes such a big goofball but also a big busybody and wants to check out everything. And very much a male...... he has been known on occasion to try and mark a 'territory'. We breezed through elevators, hallways of people, wheelchairs, food carts, etc., and only a bit of surprise on just his size. One woman in a wheelchair had a huge smile on her face when she saw us coming and Zoran made her day giving her a big goofy greeting. Imagine my surprise when a visitor stopped me and knew the breed!

Like Mom, Zoran has a big sweet tooth. He couldn't help himself from scoping out the goods on the counter and of course mom was only too happy to share a few cookies with him.

What a boy! I couldnt of been more proud of the dogs handling this situation on the fly. The Babe sadly didnt get to make her trial run but good thing for my mom getting to go home.