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Friday, September 25, 2009

A Deer of a Different Color

A friend of mine who's now moved out to the country has been sending me pictures of the local wild life happening into her yard. The usual assortment of critters and plenty of Deer but this one is obviously quite unique.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Turkey Time

It was a beautiful day and my neighbor and I had been doing outside house projects. I was in the driveway and he started yelling for me to come. The dogs were on alert in my neighbors yard. By the time I got through the gates, not too much to see. A big fat wild Turkey was strutting his stuff across my neighbors yard. When the dogs started barking, he took off to lower ground.
I ran for the camera, ran down the hill and was able to get a few less than exciting shots before he disappeared. Cool just the same as we do live in city limits.
Very early the next morning the Anatolians were going wild and all but bouncing off the French doors. Ran down stairs and to my surprise, the Turkey was hanging out at the fence line! Once again, ran for the camera, checked the yard first to make sure he wasn't in my yard and let the dogs out. They ran down the hill in search and the Turkey was long gone. The last thing I expected was him to fly back into my yard!
A little while later, looked out the window and the dogs were all sitting around a tree on the edge of the hill. Head out to see what's up and sure enough, there sat the Turkey high in the tree.
Maybe he enjoyed taunting the dogs. He hung out for a good hour or so and then disappeared permanently.