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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Zoran thinks the pups are pretty cool too. Hes very proud and now fashions himself as a real 'stud muffin'. :) Zoran's proven his outstanding parenting skills with their first breeding. More on The Babe and Mookey soon. Posted by Picasa

Hannah supervises while Babe helps nurture and clean the pups.  Posted by Picasa

A Family Affair

Big sister 'Babe' (Shaman Dream Catcher) couldnt wait to get in on the action. At just 8 months of age all her instincts were in the right place. Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

The Blessed Event

On Dec. 6th, Hannah (Breezyway's Hannah Victoria) and Zoran ( Old Glory Zoran) became proud parents of a beautiful litter of 9 Anatolian Shepherd puppies. 5 boys and 4 girls. Posted by Picasa