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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tatanka and Company

What a beautiful and majestic animal. Sadly, he and his companions just seem to be for 'show and tell' at a now primarily vegetable farm. What once was, now at the edges of pastures, suburban sprawl.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

War Games

Rory lives just down the street from us so he continues to be extended 'family' and comes up for play day often. He loves to come here, visit with Mom (Hannah) and Dad (Zoran) but the most fun is getting to play with big 'sis' Babe. And what fun they have with their war games and wearing each other out.

A Dogs Life Part 2

Not too spoiled a boy, the 'baby' Kaz at 7 months with his buddy McCall.
What a big lover boy!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beautiful Anatolian Puppies!

What big beautiful babies at 3 weeks of age! Both dog and human parents are very proud. :) More pictures of 'Mom' at 'Watchful Eyes' Anatolian Shepherds.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Flora and Fauna

Once upon a time, I had some lovely gardens around here. Some were here when we came and others I planted. There was always an abundance of day lilies and the vegetable garden was already sectioned off. It seemed fitting as many a moon ago, this was a gardening estate with greenhouses and terraced gardens running down to the river. The old root cellar (just like Norman's sans Mom ;) still has a rustic old kitchen piece and piping for the greenhouses.
I had a wonderful mentor as well. My neighbor Nick was an old world Italian gardner with huge fabulous plots of everything imaginable. His wealth of knowledge and desire to share was extraordinary.
Gardens and dogs? What was I thinking? Fencing be damned!
All those raised beds and soft tilled earth was just to tempting.
As each dog took their toll on the yard, Ive finally given up. Im pretty content to grow weeds in the upper yard just being green! Now if only I could get a goat to do the mowing!
A few remnants remain mostly outside the main fencing and decided to snap off a few shots of the present blooms......only the very hardy survive!