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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring Cleaning

We've finally had some beautiful spring days here and it's a real delight after our long cold winter. The dogs are enjoying the weather immensely and the usual spring activities are under way.
Over the years I've come across many starts of underground holes on "search and seizure" missions but never amounted to much. Last week I spotted Hannah quite intent on this one.
This is the only time I've seen anyone at this hole but yet it grows daily.
I'm not sure if this is a group effort or Hannah's own personal project.

A week later and the dirt mound outside has become quite large.

This sits under an old rock garden, Forsythia and what's left of a dead Maple. It's heavy on old massive roots which seems to be holding the ground together quite well.

Yesterday I had another peek inside, and its becoming quite cavernous! As well held together as the earth is, I can no longer see the end. I just may have to be the party pooper and start filling it in.

Oh lucky me! Once again happened to have the camera with me right time, right place and captured Hannah in another "spring cleaning" moment. This huge old tree sits down below. With its own entry, I'm sure the victim of carpenter ants. While it really should come down, its still a beautiful tree and hate to see the old granddam come down.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snug as a Bug

What a 'Kodak moment'! Badger obviously thinks this feeder is a nice comfy spot for a light snooze. Of course as typical of Anatolians, I'm sure he thought it was designed just for him. :)
Badger is just over 3 years old and the son of Hannah and Zoran.
Badger is a wonderful all around family and farm dog. He looks after his Alpaca and family and a steadfast guardian. As well, Badger participates in all sorts of extra curricular activities such as obedience, tracking, etc. He enjoys doing all the extra activities and I hope they try some Therapy work too. Badger Has also earned the title CGC.

Badger and a young Cria 'Annie'

Badger and 'Boomer'