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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vermont, The Queen of Color, Part 2

It had rained a better part of the night and when it finally stopped and day light broke, I was out the door.
The rain had magically enhanced the world around me and all the trees and the hills were bursting with color. The sky was completely overcast and the forecast was for rain. Once again, had to run around and take more pictures in a whole new light.

Heading off to Montpelier, I was hoping for more great scenery and photo opportunities and I was not disapointed.
I loved these big pines standing strong at the crest of the hill.

And into the Valley, the fog rising out of the hills and the Valleys.

Vermont is famous for its covered bridges and these people had their own.

Vermont is also known as a dairy state and most important in making my trip complete, seeing some cows. I love Cows! Needless to say, when we came up on this pasture along the road, I was ecstatic! Girls!! A field of Girls!

Unfortunately after the quick trip to town, time to head back to the farm and ready to head back to Boston. Way to little time with so much more to see, roads to travel and even find those LGD's working the farms. ;)

As I hadnt gotten any good pictures of cool old barns, while driving out of town, snapped off a few shots along the road.

Quite the foreboding sky, time to head South.


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