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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Snug as a Bug

What a 'Kodak moment'! Badger obviously thinks this feeder is a nice comfy spot for a light snooze. Of course as typical of Anatolians, I'm sure he thought it was designed just for him. :)
Badger is just over 3 years old and the son of Hannah and Zoran.
Badger is a wonderful all around family and farm dog. He looks after his Alpaca and family and a steadfast guardian. As well, Badger participates in all sorts of extra curricular activities such as obedience, tracking, etc. He enjoys doing all the extra activities and I hope they try some Therapy work too. Badger Has also earned the title CGC.

Badger and a young Cria 'Annie'

Badger and 'Boomer'


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